Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got Our Sham-ROCKED On!

We had another ROCKIN' year at the Shamrock 8k/Half/Full Marathon!
(we missed those that couldn't make it this year)

There were plenty of laughs to go around...
One totally cute baby on hand...
And his Dad who rocked his own 8k...
And his mother who rocked a PR on her half...months after having the above stated cute baby Will!

One very creepy looking Ronald McDonald
(but creepy or not, he was giving out free salads...and no Mary, I didn't get around to eating it...I was full from the M&M's I had been eating all weekend)

Dean came away with a PR...with minimal training
...I call that totally unfair!
Liz ran an enjoyable race, loving the fact she only had to run half of the course this year!
Diane ran/walked the half with an injured knee in honor of her dear assistant who tragically passed away this week.
...Diane wasn't' feeling well either. Here she is snuggling in my coat at dinner...
(thanks for letting us crash your hotel room)

Jenny and Brad upstaged everyone with two huge PR's. Was it the hobo wear he was sporting before the race that gave him his edge?...at least it wasn't two cheesy garbage bags...or a red Bank of America fleece headband!
And I guess Brad will be known as the Shamrock Princess from here to ever after...
(ask to see photos from after party)
Jenny is still the Queen though...

Kimmy ran the 8k on Saturday where she left her long lost friend in her dust. BFFs!?
Jamie went for the 3 week taper plan and with a body well rested, he ran a super
Marathon! Congrats to both of you!
And grateful was I to Kimmy for letting me use her half marathon bib!
These three ladies bunked with Diane this year. Diane and Laura were soundly sleeping within minutes...
I on the other hand was pacing the floor, mumbling to myself, worrying about shorts/tights, one layer/two...and other Heather pre-race antics that everyone knows and loves!
It was lovely behavior, especially since it didn't do anything to calm Wendy's first time half marathon nerves.
By the way, I did eventually fall asleep, pick an outfit and use the restroom 3 or 10 times...I lost count.
And we all ended up running a great race.
Even Wendy, who I worried by my silliness ran faster than her goal!

If you haven't had a chance to join us at the Shamrock...
plan on it next year!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Remember...

I was looking at the picture of all of you at last year's Marine Corp Marathon! It seems like yesterday we were watching you all line up with the thousands and thousands of excited runners ready to take on this most thrilling journey.

I remember holding that blasted bat balloon and then quickly giving it to a little boy in a stroller (Ha! Now the Mom had to deal with it). I remember running down I-66 thanks to Diane's fabulous sense of spectator direction. I remember seeing you all at mile 4 with huge smiles on your faces and enough energy to keep you going strong another 22.2 miles. I remember standing in a long line at Starbucks, not for coffee but the bathroom! And then I remember the masses of people (supporters) trying to navigate their way through the underground Metro in hopes of getting to places to see and cheer those they loved. We did that, a few times and survived! And then I remember seeing faces that were hurting a bit but were strong. I remember the dedication and the drive to finish what you had all trained your body to accomplish. Remembering the joy radiating from your faces as you all gathered around together to share each of your marathon story, made me proud. My friends, doing something that most will never do...Something that was never said would be easy...but always Worth it.

GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! And hats off to those that will be supporting...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Remembering the Good Times!

It has been way too long since I have seen my favorite running friends. I hear from some of you every now and again and I LOVE that. I love that Brad and Erin trained for a 50 miler and ran super races. I LOVE that our dear Mary is a mother now and although I haven't heard, I am sure she is seen often pushing Will around in the jogger. I love hearing updates from Roger and his constant support of my ongoing heel injury (thanks!). I love knowing many of you are out there racing. (I would love to hear more details.) I love getting the Run Club newsletter (even though I am not officially a Lifetime Run Club member...still love hearing). I love biking with Jamie (when we can get our schedules together). And love it even more when Garth and I can hang out with Jamie AND Kimmy (by the way...how was Disney !?). I love the running world. I love the friendships running builds...solid friendships that last a lifetime. Just as training for the run takes time, dedication and commitment, the final outcome lasts in our memory forever...something, although hard, worth everything. My dear friends, similarly, the relationships we develop as we trot along our running journeys, the good and the bad, we do together. And until you have had it, you don't understand. I miss you guys! I miss running. I miss my friends.

So enough deep thoughts. How about an update? I will go first!

I have had a cast for the past 3 weeks. As you know I haven't been able to run since April (stress fracture). Since my heel just wasn't getting better (12 weeks of no running), the doctor decided that it would be best to try to take all daily weight bearing out of the equation. I crutched it and stayed off it in hopes of finally taking care of this problem. I have now had the cast off for a week and my heel is unfortunately still hurting. I am not sure if it is muscular (I do have ongoing plantar fasciitis) due to the non-use of my foot or the bone is still irritated and not healed. I was told I could try running after 10 days, but I am not exactly sure my plan quite yet. I have a phone consolation tomorrow to discuss...

I still have hope of running Boston again in April if my heel is pain free and I am running by November...fingers crossed~

Now since I can't run...and you can...GO AND RUN!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sneak Peek at Anchorage

Here is one cool picture of Anchorage...nestled between the Chugiak Mountains and the Cook inlet. You do see snow in this picture on those mountains...but there will not be any when I am there (thank goodness!). But the temperature average for August is in the high 50's...chilly! But I have to admit, great for outdoor activities...

Things I hope to have my two boys do while there: see a moose or two, avoid any bears, climb that flat mountain top you can see on the right of this picture (it actually is a pretty easy climb, except for the last bit...you drive up for most of it), catch a few salmon (over 40 lbs.), see some glaciers, pick blueberries, golf, gold pan (and actually find a little something...for my 8 yr. old's sake), avoid getting eaten by mosquitos, staying up until its dark (around 12 am, this time of year we have 17 hours of daylight), go fishing in the ocean, take the train along cook inlet, see Mt. McKinley (you can see it on a clear day in the far distance), and buy an ulu (not for boy's use).

We head up North mid August! Don't tell anyone, but I plan on running too (the boys can join me).

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Running with Erin

Ahhh! I ran with Erin today in the mid-day 95 degree heat. Yes, we are crazy. I knew she had some miles to run since she is training for the North Face Challenge 50 miler in Sept. I offered her 5 miles (the most I have run in the past 14 weeks is a 3 miler)! The run (as always) went by super fast (not that I ran fast...)! We were sweltering in the heat and the hills about did me in...but man it felt good to be out there!

I hadn't realized the amount of hills at Battlefield! You don't notice when you are in good shape. Last time I ran at the Battlefield, I was deep in my Boston Marathon training. Each hill today was a mountain. Luckily, Erin was easy on me and let me walk a few times.

But the key to running (or anything you set your mind on), is not to give up. There will be times in your life you are at your best. And there will be times you are at your worst. The goal is to never give up! Reach for your dreams. Make them come true...even if it might be hard. Hard is what makes it worth it. Hard is what makes us stronger. Hard is what puts us above those that take the easy road.

I love running...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Running Again...

I have attempted running again. I have been sneaking in a few runs a week after doctor's orders of no running for 6-8 weeks (I actually waited 12). The good news is the fact it doesn't hurt while I am running (but many other parts of my body do) but after a few hours it does feel sore. Since I am getting a cast (crutches and all) next month, I figured a few runs won't make things worse. In fact, it might help my overall well being and that is quite important in my book.

I just got home from a 3 miler. I was thrilled to finally average 8:58 minute miles (I have been trying to get under 9). I am feeling stronger and no pain in the heel.

So if there are any of you out there who are thinking about getting back into running and are fearing the tough few weeks you might encounter, I am on your side. You just need to do it and you will achieve it. I am there right with you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Likey Bikey!

Thank goodness for small miracle. The no running thing had been getting me down. But thanks to good friends and good neighbors (and a super nice brother), I have been educated on how to do this whole biking thing and I have equipment. My dream is to get my own bike, but at least I have a much needed excuse when necessary (but really the bike Kenny let's me use rocks). Check out some pictures from our ride on Saturday...50 MILES...my new all time high.

I am not a thrill seeker and hills scare me. I am hiding my fear under this fake smile. Notice my hand is right by that break.
The final couple of miles.

I rode my first 50 miler bike ride on Saturday. I am loving the fact I can once again get a challenging workout since I have been out from the running scene. I am definitely the weakest link but am so grateful they are all willing to have me along for the ride. The two guys on the end have been my local running buddies the past year (when I want my butt kicked). Frank and Vicente and Laura (to my right) are all headed to Lake Placid this Saturday for their first Ironman! Good luck guys!

Frank, Silke, Heather, Eric, Laura, Neil and Vicente getting ready to take off to the hills
Frank flying down one of the many hills
Laura looking great. I couldn't keep up with her as hard as I tried.
Half way fuel break. Note to self: Fig Newtons Rock! Pack next time. Thanks Silke for sharing.
Neil was nice enough to hang with me during my mid mile suffering. I was looking for an advil to ease my pain. He kept us at a great pace and took my mind off biking as we chatted.